Working at Proton

For those who are ready to take on the challenge, joining Proton means having the opportunity to contribute to creating a better world. Proton is dedicated to prioritizing people over profits, making it a truly noble organization to work for.

Discover how @ProtonMail, renowned for being one of the most secure email providers globally, is committed to protecting democracy. Join us in safeguarding freedom and democracy in Hong Kong.

Jonathan Eyal


The UN recommends using @signalapp and @ProtonMail for communication, see #Myanmar



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In the future, the internet will prioritize privacy to a greater extent. Our range of privacy-focused services, including Proton Mail and Proton VPN, are being increasingly embraced by the global community. As a member of the world’s foremost privacy company, you will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the internet.

A location where you can attain the pinnacle of success in your professional journey.

With a shared objective, our team of over 400 individuals comprises graduates and professionals from renowned academic institutions and organizations worldwide.

We operate at a rapid pace, exert ourselves intensely, establish ambitious objectives, and possess the bravery to deviate from the norm. We assemble a team of top-notch individuals, irrespective of their nationality or upbringing.

Proton’s headquarters are located in Geneva, with additional offices in Zurich, Skopje, Taipei, Vilnius, London, and Prague. In addition, their team includes remote employees from 17 countries, who work together to provide services to millions of users worldwide.

Culture of Proton


Proton’s hiring process is highly exclusive, as we only select less than 0.5% of all applicants. We operate at a rapid pace and are committed to achieving unparalleled excellence in all of our endeavors.


Our team is a close-knit group that values diversity and collaboration. We prioritize supporting each other and working together towards success. No one is a stranger here.


Numerous employment opportunities exist, but the tasks we undertake at Proton hold significance for the world, and they are tasks that we can take pride in. Our merchandise is utilized by millions of individuals across 180 nations.


Proton is among the swiftest expanding technology firms in Europe, offering a chance for quick progression and learning from the best experts in various fields due to its rapid growth.

What do we offer

Competitive compensation, equity and additional incentives

Generous holiday and parental leave

Free lunch, snacks and beverages

Corporate events and team building

Flexible working hours and remote working

Learning and Development Opportunities

Proton merchandise and cool items

A diverse and international workplace

What do we offer

Proton provides employment opportunities without discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability. All eligible candidates will be considered for employment.


Thank you for your interest in Proton. Our goal is to recruit the most exceptional candidates, regardless of their background. If you require assistance in completing the online application due to a disability, please don’t hesitate to contact us at