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Our objective is to offer confidential and secure online connectivity to everyone. Proton VPN is utilized by human rights defenders and reporters worldwide. Our complimentary plan is the sole option that provides this service:

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Proton VPN stands out among free VPN services due to its exceptional privacy and security features.

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Our mission includes providing free access to online privacy as we strongly believe it is a basic human right. The Proton VPN free plan prioritizes security and is unrestricted. We do not employ any deceptive tactics or hidden conditions. Our aim is to offer online privacy and liberation to those who require it, without any strings attached.

Our mission to provide a free VPN service is made possible through the support of paying users. If you share our vision, we invite you to consider upgrading and supporting us.

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If you want to enhance your speed, access premium features, and ensure online privacy worldwide, we recommend upgrading to a paid subscription for even better performance.

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Protect yourself from sophisticated network-based attacks.

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Tor over VPN

Access onion sites with just one click by connecting to the Tor network.

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Ensure fast browsing speed with our high-speed servers.

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Keep your online activity secure across all your devices.

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Select from our vast selection of servers spanning across 50+ countries.

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Experience lightning-fast connections with a VPN Plus or Proton Unlimited subscription.

Profiles for connecting

Swiftly change to the servers you prefer.

What benefits can you enjoy with Proton VPN’s free plan?

Free VPN


Proton VPN offers Free VPN apps for all major operating systems, including PCs, tablets, phones, and everything in between, ensuring that you are covered no matter what device you use.

Free VPN


With Proton VPN’s free plan, you can utilize VPN servers located in the United States, Netherlands, and Japan at no cost. This plan follows a stringent no-logging policy supported by Switzerland’s data privacy regulations.

Free users of Proton VPN enjoy unrestricted bandwidth, duration, and speed without any limitations imposed.

Free VPN


All users can access our core privacy and anti-censorship features, but upgrading to a paid account unlocks additional advanced features:

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