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We are developing strategies to assist everyone in protecting their online privacy.

Created by scientists, for the world

In 2014, a team of scientists who had crossed paths at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) established Proton Mail. Initially funded by the public, Proton Mail has since expanded its reach worldwide.

Build integrated products for more privacy

Proton Mail is our flagship product and the leading secure email service worldwide. Proton VPN is our second product and widely recognized as one of the most popular VPN services globally. With the introduction of Proton Calendar and Proton Drive, we are creating an all-in-one internet platform that empowers individuals to manage their data with ease. Our ultimate goal is to provide people with full control over their information.

Trustworthy where freedom is threatened

The Proton community is made up of a wide range of individuals, including prominent figures in the Hong Kong protest movement, journalists from the New York Times, major corporations from around the world, and millions of everyday people from over 180 countries. Our team is a vibrant and diverse group, consisting of over 400 individuals from more than 30 nationalities, with offices located in Geneva, Zurich, Prague, Vilnius, Skopje, and Taipei.

Further information about protons

Proton and our influence

Our battle is against the prevailing norms, as we strive to establish an online environment that upholds the fundamental right to privacy, in lieu of monitoring and exploitation.

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Security & Privacy

Our data protection is supported by mathematical principles and the strict regulations of Swiss law, unlike other companies who merely make unfulfilled assurances about privacy.

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Company & Product News

We are always innovating and creating fresh applications and features that simplify the process of safeguarding your data.

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Proton proudly protecting journalists

Safeguard your sources and communications from spying and data breaches. Overcome governmental censorship. Keep your data secure under Swiss jurisdiction.


Proton is dedicated to safeguarding autonomous journalism worldwide. Hence, we provide journalists with complimentary access to Proton’s complete range of products. We have already assisted numerous journalists in defending their data globally, including those operating in regions notorious for suppressing free speech and detaining reporters.


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Protons in the News

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