Proton VPN boasts a globally expansive network, with servers on all continents, ensuring truly worldwide connectivity at exceptional speeds.

Trusted, audited, and open source

Enhanced security and privacy capabilities

Evade advanced forms of censorship

Servers capable of 10 Gbps






Gbps Capacity

97 Security Core Servers

2,555 Multiple servers

Free servers

Secure Core


For optimal privacy and security, network traffic is directed through servers located in countries that prioritize privacy, such as Switzerland and Iceland, using Secure Core.


Proton VPN ensures additional safety by fully owning and operating the Secure Core servers and networks.


Plus plan users have access to 97 Secure Core servers located in 67 countries, all maintained by Proton VPN.



Access to the fully-featured Proton VPN Plus servers is limited to users subscribed to the Plus plan. By utilizing these servers, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits.

Streaming Media Support

No matter where you are, you can easily access your streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and more.

Adblocker (NetShield)

By blocking ads, trackers, and malware, NetShield provides protection for your device and enhances your browsing speed.

P2P/BitTorrent support

Assistance for file-sharing protocols like BitTorrent.

Tor over VPN

Easily direct your internet traffic through the Tor network by simply clicking once.

Highest speed (up to 10 Gbps)

In most locations, Plus servers provide the fastest VPN speeds, boasting connectivity of up to 10 Gbps.

Proton VPN offers an exclusive network of 2,555 Plus servers located across 67 countries solely for its Plus users.



Our belief is that online privacy is a fundamental right for all individuals, and as such, we offer free VPN access to those who are unable to pay for a premium plan.


With Proton VPN’s free plan, there is no time limit to its usage, and we guarantee that we will never sell your data unlike other free VPN services.


For Free users, Proton VPN has servers available in three countries.


It is important to note that while the Free VPN servers do offer moderate speed, they do not support advanced features.

Stream your favorite shows and movies from popular services like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and more, regardless of your location.

By preventing ads, trackers, and malware, NetShield secures your device and enhances your browsing speed.

Assistance for sharing files through protocols like BitTorrent.

With just one click, you can direct your internet traffic to pass through the Tor network.

In most locations, the Plus servers provide VPN speeds that are unmatched, delivering connectivity of up to 10 Gbps.

Protect your online security